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Here at the B-Print & Display Group, we’re fully aware of the impact our industrial process can have on the environment. Our waste management procedures are an ideal opportunity to be proactive in environmental matters in a number of ways:

We maintain the highest standards, ensuring our staff are properly trained and fully compliant with the latest legislation.

The materials we use are evaluated to develop specific recycling and recovery alternatives for each. For example, the litho press has three separate waste cages for metal plates, paper and card and PVC. The same rules apply on all sections.

We invest in staff training and more efficient equipment and develop new techniques and processes to reach even higher standards of treatment and efficiency.

All of this helps to reduce the use of energy and non-renewable sources.

Our logistics department also follows a proactive waste management and recycling policy. All paper and cardboard - around 700 tonnes per annum - is collected for recycling daily by Hexham based Fourstones Paper Mill ltd.

We are also committed to the controlled and safe disposal of waste chemicals, through careful assessment and compliance with the 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations